Breann De Santiago

A packing warehouse may not seem inspirational on the surface, but for Breann it is a symbol of her family’s and her father’s dedication and perseverance in the face of big hardships. She certainly shares these characteristics, because she’s already become one of the first in her family to go to college and is gaining research project experience as she pursues her master’s degree. 
Her education and research experiences at Whittier College and her intership at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have led her to  career goals of becoming a public health professional. 
Breann received her bachelor's in biology from Whittier College and her MPH from Claremont Graduate University, School of Community and Global Health.
With aspirations to become the first in herfamily to receive a doctoral degree and be involved in health disparities research. Breann aplied to the Exito! program to  to gain valuable insight into the cancer health disparities realm from national and international experts. 
"Éxito! provided me with additional role models, skills & motivation to continue my education," said Breann. "Thank you for everything!"