Krystal Griffith

By voluntarily working in some the toughest neighborhoods of L.A. (and on earth), Krystal learned first-hand that many people have a hard time getting health care and don’t understand the benefits of preventive care. That’s a gap she truly wants to fill. And that’s why she works for a nonprofit to link underserved HIV-infected women access needed services.
Krystal obtained her bachelors from Loyola Marymount University and her MPH at California State University Fullerton.
Krystal applied to the Exito program because she thought it would help foster her drive to apply to a PhD program and provide the essential tools not only to be a successful candidate for a PhD program, but also excel in program of that caliber. 
'"[Éxito!] has made me more confident that I can successfully obtain a PhD. [It's an] outstanding program. [I'm] extremely grateful for this experience," said Krystal.