Patricia Medina-Ramirez

Just as her Guida instrument represents her Dominican Republic roots, this person is dedicated to learning about the culture and the community she works in. Cultural competency is a key for her as she begins to focus on Latino health issues, like her work to explore the experience of Latino cancer survivors.  Despite moving from the Dominican Republic at age 15, Patricia is the first member in her family to pursue a graduate education, and potentially a doctoral degree.
Patricia obtained her bachelors in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Public Health from the University of South Florida and her masters in Epidemiology and Global Health also at the University of South Florida.
Patricia applied to the Éxito! Summer Institure because she thought the program would allow her to become a more competitive applicant for doctoral programs. 
"Éxito! has helped me realized how much I already knew about research financial opportunities, the process of applying and going through a doctoral program. Gracias for putting such an amazing program together," said Patricia.