Jazmin Martinez

The strong mentorship and support of a faculty member at her university gave this person the motivation to continue preparing for a career in Latino health disparities.  Jazmin's ultimate goal is to obtain a doctorate in public health and focus on health disparities. Jazmin fundamentally believes that we need more ethnic minority professors in this country.
Jasmin obtained her bachelors at California State University, double-majoring in Chicano and Latino Studies and Political Science.  She is currently working on her Masters in Public Health at CSULB.  After completing her masters, Jazmin plans to help underserved communities through health edication programs.
Jazmin applied to the Éxito! program because she wanted to gain the knowledge necessary to become a strong doctoral candidate.
"[Éxito!] definitely made me realize how marketable Latinos in research are, because there is a need for us. Thank you for the opportunity and or the great experience!"