Diana Aguirre

A purse can make a fashion statement. But for this person, her “Yo Quiero Colombia” purse is a reminder of her roots and a reminder of her string dedication to changing people’s lives for the better. She’s got a great start thanks to her work on an obesity prevention project and coordinating a promotora health education program. 
Diana enjoys doing research, working with the community, and providing mentorship to other Latino students seeking higher education.
Diana is a first generation college graduate who reseceived her bachelor's degree in Health Science from California State and is now enrolled in an MPH program.
Diana decided to apply to Éxito! after hearing all about it from Éxito! alumni and her mentor.  Believing that  this was a great opportunity, she wanted to be part of Éxito! to gain guidance, mentorship, and support. A doctoral degree was something she needed to familiarize herself with. 
"The summer institute gave me more confidence in my ability to apply and get accepted in a doctoral program" Diana said.